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Now Is The Time! This Is The Year! Urge Your Legislators To Support the Freedom to Marry.

On March 12, 203 legislators in Minnesota House and Senate committees passed legislation to secure the freedom to marry (SF925 / HF1054). Because of those key votes, these bills are headed to House and Senate floor votes. We're now in a sprint to ensure that legislators in both chambers are ready to vote YES by the time the floor votes are taken. We're close to having the necessary votes to pass these bills, but we're not there yet.

Please take action today to urge your legislator to vote YES for the freedom to marry! Click here to send your legislators an email and share your personal story about why this matters to you. Legislators listen to their constituents, and they want to hear from you! Act now.

Get Involved With Minnesotans United and OutFront Minnesota OutFront is leading the community organizing effort for Minnesotans United to pass legislation for the freedom to marry this session. Join our team of organizers, who are located all over the state, and help raise awareness and create the political will need to pass the marriage bill.

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Legislation to Extend the Freedom to Marry to Same-Sex Couples Passes House Civil Law Committee

Historic Legislation to Secure the Freedom to Marry for Same-Sex Couples Passes Senate Judiciary Committee

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